Answered Do rooted clones need a humidity dome after shipping?


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Question in the title! Working on prepping a space for the hippy slayer and realized I don't know if I can plunk it directly into some coco when it arrives or if I should acclimate it in a humidity dome first!

Appreciate any advice from folks who have received rooted clones via mail before!

Only urgent because I should have it tomorrow and I'll have to shoot out and buy an actual clone dome finally if that's the route I should go.


Cannabis Chaotician
Appreciate all the replies!

I sometimes need to dome a clone with rockwool-to-soil transfers. I use a 1gal ziploc bag for the individual cuts that need it. I also use a straw to blow into the bag.
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How do you decide if a clone needs it Schwaggy? Cloning in general isn't something I have a ton of experience with so far...
I also use normal dirty scissors and just chop and toss in a cup of water and then when I’m ready dip and go... and I get basically 100% success....
So don’t overthink makin babies, it’s a natural thing ;);)
I always cut with normal dirty scissors too and at best I think I've had like a 50% success rate... guess I can't blame the scissors anymore lol...what medium do you use when cloning? Do you use a plug or rock wool?
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