Does IR start photosynthesis???


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So I’m a old schooler who didn’t use a lot of the new fangled technology available to us as growers until recently. One of the new things I’m using and trying is web cams to keep a cursory eye on the kiddies. Well I’ve done a little research regarding what these cams use for night vision which is InfraRed light or IR for short. What I’ve discovered is actually conflicting. On one hand all the experts say IR light does not induce photosynthesis YET growers have anecdotally noted that LED light boards that include IR diodes produce bigger flowers with tighter structure. So I ask you. What’s your experience with using web cams, specifically the night vision during flowering???
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I wouldn't use one with IR. It's light that plants can see. Does it do anything to them using it at night? That seems to be the debate, but the fact is plants can "see" IR. So why introduce an unknown to see something that is rather uneventful, bordering on anti-climactic? Day? Maybe. Night? Nah.

I finally ditched in-room/in-tent cams and focused on using them as external security cams/motion detectors instead.
I have images shot to all my devices and several cloud sites for redundancy, anytime there is motion in my house when I am not home.

That's just me. I just found the novelty wore off very quickly and actual security became more important in my eyes.
I think it can help in flower ,but the amount of ir that boards have aren't enough to do anything noticable. Jmo
Yeah I wonder about these IR UV additions. I don't see any noticeable difference between the tents that have them and the one tent that doesn't, other than the one tent that doesn't has fatter buds than all them yeah, I dunno about those things lol


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So I did a little research and according to a lighting expert with “The Green Sunshine Company” they actually use IR lights in modern commercial grows to help plants “go to sleep”. Now the ones he was referring to are a lot more powerful than something like a web cam or security cam. According to him the security IR lights are not powerful enough to trigger any form of reaction from plants. So they’re safe.
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