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Just wanted to let others know that these businesses will greatly benefit a Gardener regardless of the crop their steering inside or outside..

Anymore I don't even bother with the online purchasing besides direct order from specialty suppliers.

I paid less for this load shown ($130) then I would have buying 5 bags of Fox Farms or Roots Soil. Plus I have excess biotone, gypsum as well as the lime I blend with oyster shell. IMG_20210605_134942315.jpg


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Here's another example. This is no different than the Humic Acid pushed towards the Cannabis growers for quadruple the price or worse yet.

I paid $25 for 2.5 gallons instead of the same amount for a quart or a gallon if supported Amazon buying unknown brands 🤔IMG_20210608_115823050_HDR.jpg


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With the way of the corporate grabs and their corporatocracy behind the scenes to control the herds while making higher-up profits I have been watching company after company be consumed by the beast and the products continue to be commofified and rendered to a shadow of what they're supposed to be and we are in origins.

Let's take Fox Farms Ocean Forrest as a example. It used to be a really good rendition of one of Clackamas Coots old mixes. Anymore I have to compare it to the Natural Lineup for Miracle Grow. Sure it's not charged with Miracle Grow Organic formulas, but it's safe to say that Ocean Forrest Soil is just garbage now at $20-25 a bag ffs .

I have been waiting for the opportunity to go back into building a few different soil blends, even though I have little use for these I can help others find a better solution to the issues stemming from the corporate grab and product rendering that now requires you to purchase Fox Farms Fertilizer within a week or two after purchasing their mix. That's not cutting it for me and for anyone else- so let's cut to the chase..

Long story short, here's a simple quick note and the recipe is easy to follow for anyone who has access to Dairy Doo Tree and Shrub mix or another reputable Tree and Shrub mix.

1 cf Dairy Doo Shrub and Tree
1/2 cf Promix
1/2 cf Perlite
1/2 cf Worm Castings
1 gallon of Play Sand

1 cup of Oyster Shell Powder
2Cups of Kelp Meal
1cup each of Crab Meal and Shrimp Meal
2 cups of Bat Guano
One gallon of Hydrolyzed Fish Emulsion Diluted to 1000ppm

Mix everything thoroughly and evenly apply the Hydrolyzed Fish Emulsion after the folding. It's going to add moisture and more.

Warning ⚠️ This is a hot soil and it requires a few weeks minimum of cooking time (which is never going to happen again with the Fox Farms Ocean Forrest.)

⚠️This mix is not for seedlings, clones & young plants⚠️

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