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Tilts at Tables
Thanks Frimp'r, I haven't been growing long ~but when I do : my best crops seem to come in winter.
Buds are smaller, although I am seeing some Wicked density. This is probably the most Frost I've seen and probably not coincidental that I have been running the coolest tent ever. I tried to never let any one bud get over 25 Celsius.

Looks like the Scarlet Queen will be the last one standing. .

I need to fell some Sour Tangie , however, this OBSM stopped taking water for a minute,
I think she is next and near done.



Tilts at Tables
21 inch, dirt to top
Jack the Ripper

I was not about to let this become a missed opportunity. Every branch above above a tag is pollinated with F2 or Respect.

When I am done staring at it, I will harvest the top and throw all of the tags back into the flower room.


Tilts at Tables
Really looking forward to sinking my teeth into this one.
I wish it was bigger~ but I can't steal all of her lines
The GF Die is one of my favourite flavs. Blood can be Fanta or Funk.
Should be good.

Blue-blooded Romulan.
Odd smell to her , yet she aims to please.


Tilts at Tables
Last Ripper standing. Gold.
Saw the same thing with Ghostown.
Started refusing light. Musta got dry. Even though it has been sitting there for weeks at burnt up in a few days. 20210111_115849_HDR.jpg
Noticed the Respect is absent from the background?
I don't respond well to tantrums. If she wants to be all dramatic, she can dirt nap for a bit. She carries valuable seed, she's going to lay there till she's good and dead.
Some crosses are done but I don't have any Sour Tangie down yet


Tilts at Tables
Sad part is we are hurtling towards a dry spell. There are only 18 plants left in this room. Seedlings barely breaking ground.
I should have enough weight to go around. May go cold in the igloo, for a few weeks.

This is my Big Gulp Bloody Romulan Grapefruit. 20210111_121251.jpg20210111_121306.jpg20210111_121359.jpg20210111_121439.jpg.20210111_120353.jpg20210111_120423.jpg20210111_120505.jpg
She sits on the left of Jack the Ripper. The frost is no joke


Tilts at Tables
This one is too lovely to harvest.
All her friends think she is dead , however, She sits beside my lazyboy , we have been hanging out steady for a few days.
Dead Cheerleader


Hopefully this next one smokes better than she smells.
Yes, it did grow in a gallon of bunnydung, however I will not accept that as an excuse.
Wild garlic ?
Not your average greasy greek cook garlic,
more so the free ranging garlic, found on the Saskatchewan rivers. Like your hands smell after you pull weeds.
Leafy stuff too, I just pretended to trim it.
Mostly I just hacked them into pinecone like shapes.
Hey @Jewels
Just chopped the latest White Night(SM WW x PSBC NL). I thought she'd yield well but this is better than expected.
Four quart jars so far, plus the pictured popcorny branch that I haven't been able to find the ambition to finish off. Can't wait to see what she does for you.

She doesn't throw frost like some, but the potency is absolutely there, this is the one my bud calls Louisville Slugger.

WN yield.jpg


Tilts at Tables
Can't wait to see what she does for you.
Popped four for four ! (Red)
PolarBerry is Blue.

Usually, I veg on autopilot. Intent on flipping at the end of the month, it is time to see a new side of Jewels.
Much like Veggie-Tales, with more cursing.

I split out all the common germinators.
Went with F2 pollen crosses, I need to see if that last disappoint was the male selection, or the grower error.
It is win or bin, on this stuff.
F2 x female Crockett Sour Tangie
F2 x female Blood Sour Tangie
F3 THT Sour Tangie
Last round there was F3 born ugly, and the F2 crosses are meh-looking. Always long running , depending on what that Charastar does, they most likely will be last.

This is a coty-praying Polar Berry
Typically , I just go with bunny dumps and 0-3- 2
I actually fed and topped some of this.
Mixed up some 5-15- 5

Nothing older than Xmas here. 20210113_115341_HDR.jpg
Only sprouted two Elm trees this time.
One is still in that last photo, if you wanna
"where's Waldo" that little guy.

Blu bin is back in action. May have gotten carried away,,,
Everything on the right hand side is a cool doz. of,
@BoDeebs Rebel OG, %100 germ
On the left is Deep Congo F2, with the F2 Reverend above it.
,, not ready to talk about the disaster going on up top. 😊


Tilts at Tables
@THT Blood Tangie x Sour Tangie Crosses

Romulan Grapefruit
BigGulp Slurpee Cups, because ~ why not ?😆
I put three into flower, and each have their own scent.
This was labelled "Funk", she was pollinated with Scarlet Queen.



One was labeled 'citrus' , she is finished and hanging.
This one I labeled "XXXmas"
Those are Romlan leaf. Lengthy blades, narrow hands.

This is Blood X Jack El Frutero.
IceCream buckect grown , because ~ see above 😆


Tilts at Tables
Thanks @Senokai. Doesn't always go that way. Had many grand fails in the past, probly more in the future ; yet I believe I struck a magic chord this time around.
I would love to grow out some THT gear along with you. The Cackleberry looks like a sure treat , and certainly don't you dare decline any Tangie offerings he gestures.

or is a new one to be set?

Dude, I been mulling that. I was going to run with it perpetually however I do find it more time-consuming.
I was harvesting mid-December and I knew I wouldn't have the attention for sprouts over Christmas.
That and the ever-present fear of mites.
Let us wrap this up with a completely off topic knowledge tidbit.

Sugar does not grow on trees. In North America our white table sugar is sourced from a root crop , Beets.
Sugar beets are host to a specific variety of pests. As such, Beets are cycled through fields. A plot will never grow sugar beets more than once , every 3 years.
No-host, no pests.

I cannot afford to effectively fight mites perpetually. The largest tool in my IPM is a clean break.
Mites will go dormant in a cold cycle but they have no choice but to hatch in the heat.
I leave my Nursery empty for a few days at full heat. I also leave my flower room empty for a few days at full heat. Gives me a chance to do my cleaning and organizing and allow for a fresh start.

Good call SS, although my most recent pop is 90% bro gear, This Thread is winding down. Harvest and porn we'll keep this show going for a while.

Time to turn a new leaf.

Okay,, one last diversion.
Did you know that sugar beets are the last crop of the season to be pulled from the prairies ?
In fact Harvest can be delayed by unseasonably warm weather. Harvested beets are stored above ground and they must stay frozen outside all winter while they are waiting for processing.
,,,,, and one more thing.
You would think a brewery would smell very pleasantly , right ?
,,,because it is full of delicious beer ???
Not so.
Same holds true with a sugar processing plant. You drive into that town and it smells like the ditches are lined with dead horses.
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