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Congratulations on starting your first grow and welcome to the craft! I just started some Dynoberry Bites and Welchie, as well as 4 other cultivars from @thenotsoesoteric. As @Skunky Dunk Farms mentioned, how many seeds to start depends on several factors; how much space, what lighting you have available etc. One thing that I would mention, since it is your first grow, I would start more than you feel that you need. If you only start a handful, messing with them too much is almost inevitable and will most likely lead to losing a few in the process. Less is usually more in terms of attention that you give your cannabis plants. We have all been new growers before though and I can definitely still recall dry humping the shit out of my plants and killing them with too much love and attention more often than not. I wish you well with your grow! Positive vibes...



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Hot damn your starting with fire .... my first grow was some seeds I pulled out some weed that was weirdly shaped like a brick .... to answer your question it would help to know what size space are you growing in? What kind of light (or are you outdoors)? What medium?

Also welcome to the forum and congratulations on starting your first grow!


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So your not messing around I see haha. I just Googled that closet and its pretty wild. Are you going to be using it for a perpetual harvest? And if so, will you be cloning or going from seed? Totally cool if you don't know yet.

Personally, even when I keep my plants small I like at least 1 sq ft per plant, so I'd try to have 3 in flower at any given time in that closet, at least to start. You could easily have 6+ in various stages of veg in the other side ready to go in as you harvest each plant.


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Welcome to pH. Sounds like you're going hard in the paint with your first run. I did too and don't regret it one bit.

Start up a Grow Journal, there's a section for that. We'll all be right here with you and help wherever needed. Any questions ask away, I'm a hydro guy myself.


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Welcome to Phenohunter @Cinnup3x
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