Flower Mill unboxing and first impressions


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Received yesterday, also got the travel size one. This one is the stainless grinding milling chamber premium version.

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It will take a little getting used to but I did find it more difficult to use than a standard grinder. I may have over loaded it. The storage chamber is large, I loaded it full as I could last night and there was still room in the storage catch. Today I will do smaller batches and post up some more detailed pics.

The catch chamber is also threaded so 1/4 turn opens it.
20230917_082006.jpg 20230917_082023.jpg 20230917_082149.jpg 20230917_082342.jpg 20230917_082402.jpg 20230917_082454.jpg 20230917_082517.jpg 20230917_082759.jpg 20230917_082809.jpg 20230917_082809.jpg

It is pretty intuive to disassemble, thought the green thing was a joint holder for a good bit, id suggest they leverage that piece to make a tool so they can have a more elegant head on the screw that holds the center pivot to the milling screen. ;)

There are a couple gaskets and things and we will test the durability over the next few months. I have never had this style grinder before, I've seen some things but they all just looked like they would smash the bud, perfect for dispo weed that was fed pgrs.

The product is fluffy and uniform, there seems like less trich molestation. I did not get the kief screen they sell as an optional add on as I see no point in them.

I'll have to find some papers for a joint too.



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Impossible to revert back to a coffee grinder- once you tried a coffee mill.
Curious to see if if the canna improvements are proportional.

Is there anyway to adjust the gap?
They have different milling plates with smaller/larger holes.

There is a gasket in the lid, a different thickness would adjust some I think but I think there is just a trick with how much pressure to apply.



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How do she do, with the gummy/wet stuff?
That is certainly the downfall of those diamond meshing dealy's.
Gummy stuff never wants to fall through the holes.

That piece of a two-piece we had actually addressed that issue quite well.
There are no holes to fall through!

Still rocking this piece of junk 20230917_123149.jpg

I sincerely hope you threw yours out the window, somewhere near OneFour.
The sticker is probably the nicest feature
I still cannot believe I bought those for $2.75


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I sincerely hope you threw yours out the window,
It went to an appropriate receptacle.

bought those for $2.75
This pos was $10 plus tax but they resolved the no hole issue by including a backside storage compartment.
20230917_133058.jpg 20230917_133140.jpg

I'll get back to you on how it handles the really gooey shit, seems like it's better than the standard style.
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