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I keep missing out on Red’s contests. My accounted is pointed to “ follow “ him. However I do not get alerts whenever he posts.

How do I manipulate settings to receive an Alert every time he posts ?
If you follow @HydroRed it should pop up in your notifications everytime he posts in a thread. It does for me anyway. You may want to take a look at your notification settings in your profile to make sure you have everything toggled on/off properly as well.


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it should pop up in your notifications everytime he posts in a thread.
What does that look like ?

I got a "Hred mentioned " and a " Jag quoted" notification.
for this thread.
I dont have "replied to thread" box checked.
As @Drynobbob implies I 'slut around' the forum too much. I have a reply buried in most tjreads. If I had that toggled on, I would get notifications every time someone used the forum.
Because I like to personally engage the conversations, I only tick the "quote and mention and like" settings.
That throttles my notifications down around 50 a day; so I dont miss the important stuff.

Can someone spell it out for me ?
Is there a " toggling for dummies " tutorial somewhere ?
Is there a button I can switch in, order to receive a notification every time a targeted member posts ? ,,, and could you show it to me ?
,, and Bob, if you happen to be a girl , keep your 'dryknob' 'button selector' away from me. Looking to get tagged here- not pegged.? :oops:


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So one thing I've noticed is if I get a notification for a thread and don't check it, I don't seem to get future notifications for that thread ... same thing happens on RIU to me... so I just make sure I make a daily pit stop in the threads that I want to stay up to date on...

I dont usually follow anyone though so I'm not sure how that should work ... its not that I don't want to follow people, its just that I'm forum dumb so it never dawns on me that I can haha


Tilts at Tables
No Faceback, IG, or twaughter for me. Also forum illiterate. I am so old school that I brush my teeth. No TikTac for me.

There are some folks that I would read everything they wrote, if it popped up. Some post so seldomly, it is easy to miss.

I know I can click on a specific member, and then click on 'posts' .
That is essentially the manual version.

However, if Schwag or Wheelz pop in - I wanna know.


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Ya, if a notification for the Whorehouse comes up and you dont check it, it goes to the "dont care" setting for notifications for that particular thread and you wont be notified of future postings from that thread. Since you posted in the Whorehouse, you would get any notification that happens in the thread wether it was from me or not.....until you ignore a notification that is.
P.S. _I think everyone is a "bro" on here until corrected. My apologies @Jewels if you are in fact a female. In my defense...I have a hard enough time remembering the happenings of everyones gardens, much less genders haha
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