Never tried it, grow- or smoke-wise, but I have seen pictures and a handful of people report about growing it. There's a couple, at least one or two to my knowledge, on this forum that have ran it. It definitely does not look like a pot plant.

I saw someone, can't remember who, on IG that was, essentially, breeding the pot looking traits out of it. Had it growing in his front yard and was getting compliments from his neighbors on his 'hedges' 😂

Umpty Candy

In Bloom
The 2019 debut release of the Freakshow seed, produced by Humboldt Seed Company, is a unique and novel creation, lovingly referred to as Cannabis Lusus Monstra. With a completely new morphology, Freakshow simply has to be experienced to believe. California breeder “Shapeshifter” (Jordan) spent years selecting for oddities as a personal challenge. As he says, “After 40 years, normalcy starts to get a little monotonous.” Growing Freakshow does not require different treatment, but identifying the male vs. female can be tougher than regular cannabis. We hope you enjoy this wonderful, terpene-rich, beautiful plant!

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