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Thank god hdepot brought these back . 13 bucks for two ft promix! 🤙should be good for a bit now . View attachment 39248
Damn never seen those primox at mine but it's been a bit since I've went. Usually I just buy the regular peat moisten and lime it and let it sit for a month or so. I love coco and it's my go to but peat is hard to beat ! Ran out last time so I had most all coco. 2 coco mixed with peat and 1 pure peat moss. They all kept up pretry much the same. The coco is easiest to water and just sucks shit up. The peat can get hydrophobic quick and the blend helped hold moisture to the peat and worked well. The straight peat was a bit hard to water but overall did its thing and was one of the healthiest and least finicky. All fed the same ph and ec. That vigorous perlite is a bit dusty and mixed size but it's the best for the $ I can find. Wish i had a grow shop around to grab coco from. Online shops want 30 bucks to ship and shit. Amazon hikes it up a bit too and you gotta worry about scamming asses.
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