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Posting about this here because I Use it and havent seen anyone mentioning it yet.

The basics behind it are that cannabis needs 12 solid hours of dark to produce enough of the maturation hormone to initiate flowering.

The basic light schedule is
12 hours on
5.5 off
1 hour in
5.5 off

This keeps the plant right in the edge of flowering but still in veg. Reduces the energy use DRASTICALLY and keeps plants growing short and bushy, for sativa this is an awesome technique to reduce height and for indicas it just further encourages lateral growth

And for me the largest bonus is the fact that when you do switch to flower the stretch is reduced easily by half, because the plant is constantly on the edge of initiating flowering , when you do remove that hour of light in the middle it switches much much faster than from say an 18/6 schedule. Keeping nodes extremely tight and again reducing the necessary overhead room.

When switching to flower I give the plant a 24 hour period of darkness to allow it time to generate as much of the flowering hormone as possible signaling a full balls to the wall transition, further speeding up the switch.

During flowering I use what's called the diminishing light routine

You start with 12/12 then depending on strain and how long your flowering period lasts you go down to
11 on 13 off
then 10 on 14 off

This encourages trichome growth, using 12 hours of light during the initial growth of the buds giving them as much light as possible to form large dense buds then slowly reducing the light which tells the plant winter is coming and it resins up its buds as much as possible trying to catch pollen before winter.

These are just a couple things I personally practice that works for me, I only grow for a personal amount for my wife and have attempted to set up the most automated and best potency method possible.

I use core with coco sensitive grow and bloom along with big bud during flowering.

I personally combine this light schedule with topping and screen of green technique in a 5x5 with a single hindu kush at the moment. I simply fill the net to about 80% capacity then initiate flowering

During veg I use an led panel, to further cut costs, and then in flower I switch to 1000w hps

I've attatched a puc of my plant still in veg under the gas lantern routine with screen of green. Shes a beauty!! So dense and such tight nose formation!! Notice how full the screen is and how many bud sites are at the same height with full light exposure, this is sure to be a full and potent harvest!


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There is a guy who talks about this light cycle in veg but he runs an 8 on 16 off for flowering. I have not tried it yet but will get to that experiment eventually Joe Pietri is who I seen sayin somthin somewhere. Very cool:stoned:
I read an article in skunk magazine that talked about something similar. It referenced the poinsetta industry practices. Facinating stuff, it may even have been written by him.
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