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Greetings to everyone at pH and beyond. I wish you and yours good health, soft hearts and sound minds.

Reality is what we make it. So make it what you want. Our thoughts expand energy and energy forms matter. We are manifesting and experiencing this reality in real time.
Thank you all for participating in this one, its a blast!

This thread will be for my rambling drivel and miscellaneous debris. I intend to share some fun and maybe good tidings. Please enjoy, have a cookie. Or maybe start with a half and give it an hour.

A couple memories...


SAM_1910.JPG we make some new ones.

Unconditional love, light, sound and truth,


In Bloom
A little update since the last debacle.
I started a few new things.
Some Black Triangle f2, Peach Hashplant, Blue Sunshine, Tashkurgan, BTf2 #28 x Kashmir #5 and some Mazar/BT #6 x Kashmir #5.

You can see some of the containers look empty. That's because there were 2 separate drop dates and those seeds were just planted. 12-3-20 and 12-15-20. The second drop was to fill the space from the ones that didn't make it on the first drop. 12 days apart wont mean so much in 6 -8 weeks.
Some of the leaves are a bit wrinkly. Probably from fluctuations in humidity. The room is on passive air from outside. It's cold and when the air enters the room it quickly heats up relatively dropping the humidity. I also turned off the humidifier off for a few days to speed up the drying of the soil. There were some signs of damping off. Moisture management is a dance with a fungal rich soil. Especially with babies.

Till next time, keep it lit and hold it up!
Unconditional light,


In Bloom
The arbor is doing well. A little fluctuation in humidity. I had the light a little close for a couple days too. And I didn't give the soil time to rest before planting into it. So the pH could be shifting a bit. But everything considered they look alright.

They had an EWC extract/ aloe solution watered in the other day.
They were 25 days since the seeds got wet as of yesterday. When these photos were taken.

The first snow of the season...I had to make something of it. Its melting fast. This poor guy doesn't stand a chance.

If the heart is open we are driving the ship and guiding our manifestation. If the heart is closed we are being driven by environmental stimulation.

Unconditional LLST,
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