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I am not here to muck about. These fell out of the envelope and into the water.
I love popping frozen beans.

Just saw @spyralout 's smoke report this morning.
Time to get my funk on.
Galactic style !!

Galactic Funk
Day Zero
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That's awesome mang. Me and my daughter play Magic quite a bit. Fun ass stuff.
@Jewels...you magic card nerd ya !
Hey, Me too. Lmfao.
" this creature can't be blocked "
Time to cast some sorcery ! 🧙‍♂️
Well I'll Banish that little bastard and counterspell your sorcery. Lmfao.
Then I'll attack with my unblockable, protected from all spells and colors 420/420 Weed Golem.
Time to grow the sorcery!!!
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I giggled out loud when I saw those Galactic Funk coming through the soil. Tangie is a rock star around here and the concert plays 24/7.
My boy @THT tells me that Tangie plus anything is a sure-fire win.
If I am following the lines correctly there are two instances of Romulan and Haze hiding back there.
There is a lot of lit s*** coming to the party.
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Tilts at Tables
These were still in the mail last Wednesday.
We are on the second true leaves -it was a good week 2 befunky.
I didn't see the first one pop up. I was watching for the next one, and I stopped it dead in its tracks.
For my next trick,
These are one day apart.
To me, green indicates photosynthesis.
When I see green, I stop cranking and give it fuel.
Dome off =Full sun
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First ipm,,,fatty soap
sorry lil guy.
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I have a Guava, 2Stroke , and a True-Dough mother in veg.
9 fems to flower hiding in there.
And now 14 regs.
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Errr, Are these regs @Phylex ?
Got to slow my roll, and try to stop the pop here for a bit.
Apparently, I don't even know what I'm putting down.
The G funk looks like it's giving the finger. Lmfao.
Fuck off y'all, I'm the fire here. Rofl
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