Tilts at Tables
Two kinds of goats native to Alberta. Thought I would share a photo of the southern variety.
These are Antelope.
There is a bit of a story captured here.
What we are looking at, is a fall gathering harem. An Alpha buck will start herding in females, juvies, and all , near the end of summer.
Stage left (out of frame) I believe an Alpha is chasing females back to the fold.
Regard the far right of the frame. A "Satellite" buck is taking the opportunity to creep in.
It will get very rough out there. Rifle season starts way after rut is complete. They are so dumb when they are horned up, that Hunters would easily kill every last one.

The real action is found at peak rut, during bow season.
You can stalk Antelope with a Satellite decoy. They come to you. "If he charges, let fly or stand up" That was the only instruction they gave me when we started crawling in. Those boys are so randy, they will flatten you.

Is weird shit, man.
That product is just a stiff photo. Capture+_2020-09-02-18-39-56.png
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