Grow More Cozyme Bio-Stimulant


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Has anybody tried this, for any part of their grow and/or cleanup?

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They aren't true enzymes, but while looking for an enzyme to clean some hydroton (waiting on Enzymes Komplete in the mail, won't make it in time), the hydro store guy pointed me to this, and says some of the commercial growers in the area absolutely swear by it. He said he didn't know if they use it to remove the root bits and organic matter from hydroton. He thinks they use it straight in the feed to aid in nute breakdown and digestion. Enzymes Komplete (real enzymes) states that it helps disease prevention like pythium and can be used to get out of lockouts. Could one of these be used in the place of bennies and possibly aid in ending lockout?

It was relatively inexpensive for the gallon jug, so I used it liberally (way past the recommended dosage of 8ml/gal). Stirred it into the hydroton along with tap water. Let it sit there for about 30min. Some foaming, but not a lot. It seemed to have removed a good portion of the root bits, but larger sized glops of roots didn't get broken down completely.
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