Growing with Meraki

Scooped some new cuts for the library out in LA shops when i dropped off my homie.
Got super lemon haze, gmo, gg4, chili verde, banana og.
Then i ordered a few more from COF.
Grabbed queen of the south, motorbreath #2, and high society.

Still looking for a few more if anyone can point me in the right direction.


What's Motor Breath #2 like ?? The only one I end up seeing much about is #15 but I've loved that a few times myself :) GMO is a nice score too!


In Bloom
Got the gbxmmm x MOAC trimmed up today. Was pretty sweet, now that it’s almost dried it has a strong garlic odor. Still has a sweetness and something else can’t quite tell. I’ve never smelled weed quite like it. Put some fire to a tester. Garlic comes through, spicy on the exhale and a little sweetness for the aftertaste. Mellow, euphoric high. Really nice stuff. Glad I have some more cooking right now. I’d imagine it’ll get better as it cures. IMG_0938.jpeg IMG_0936.jpeg
Still got some of the last sin city drop, running a little low on a few of them!

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