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Culver's came up in another thread and I was like..damn that sounds tasty. So I just wanted to start a thread about the tasty offerings from places near you or somewhere you've been. whats your favorite items maybe?


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In N Out FTW, both price n quality. Wow.

Call me crazy, but I love a good Texas Roadhouse Ribeye, and I've been to many a steakhouse. Also good price n quality for the proportion you get.


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Gotta hit a Whataburger anytime I'm in Texas...

Here at home it's a north shore Roast Beef 3-way or fried clams from one of the local joints... and if for whatever reason you find yourself near a TC Landos in MA do yourself a favor and get ya self a steak and cheese... my favorite is the Porky Cheese... house sliced steak, bacon and provolone on a homemade roll... or when I've got the munchies REAL bad the Giambotta... Steak, sweet Italian sausage, imported Genoa salami, peppers, onions mushrooms and cheese with tomato sauce.... hands down the best steak subs I've ever had

I can't even get started on burritos, papusa, tortas, curries and dumplings... street food is my jam
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