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Hello all, this is just going to be a compilation of projects and plants I'll be working on in my room.

We'll start with what it looked like yesterday morning, 9 plants in a 10x5 space in 5 @HydroRed inspired F&D totes, Jack's 321 nutes at 850 to 1050ppm, under 2 36 x 46 diy strip lights pulling 565 watts each
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Bad Ass plants. Gorgeous. ???
I see all you guys running reds tote f&d with such great results. Kinda really makes me wanna do a few too. Lol.
Day 41 of flower Update!
Everything is rolling pretty smooth, only complaint here is I started to singe some tips on 2 of the ladies, they just didn't want anything over 900 ppm with my environment set the way it is, lights on 83-84 lights off 70-74 humidity steady at 40%, makes sense they are drinking a lot, had to find the ceiling though. So set everyone at 800 and will hold there till the last week, also defoliated the 2 liter comp plant a bit more including a tester nug or 2 ??? needed some airflow up her skirt, took a few pics during her haircut
20200214_103111.jpg 20200214_103127.jpg 20200214_103346.jpg 20200214_103206.jpg 20200214_103029.jpg
And my 2 DBB's that are getting a little purple coming in, I'm stoked haven't had anything go full fall colors fade yet so thinking I did something right this time
20200214_112045.jpg 20200214_112029.jpg 20200214_112111.jpg
Well today is the end of week 6 in the room, they won't be getting any more fresh feed till the axe day, I'll just keep topping off with straight water till next week, then go to flush for the last week. This runs been a good learning experience as far as not making any serious fuckups, and not over feeding, pretty sure I actually underfed,noted?????
The new lights are fantastic everyone seems to be enjoying themselves under them and no light burn this go around, major points in the bag appeal area ??
Took a few more pics this morning, I love this part of the grow, when they start to get closer to the end they just get so dam pretty
Skunky VA
20200216_115527.jpg 20200216_115624.jpg

DBB green phenos
20200216_120313.jpg 20200216_120345.jpg 20200216_115600.jpg

DBB purple pheno

20200216_120714.jpg 20200216_120529.jpg 20200216_120826.jpg


So had a fuckin disaster in the room this morning, my 2 purple dbb ladies decided to jail jump my comp plant, they both fell over right on top of it ??? snapped off a mini branch and self supercropped the crap out of another, I fixed it as best I could
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This has been my main issue in f&d is when the plants are close to done and heavy with buds they want to tip especially if they’re taller. I’ve got a couple short phenos that have no problem but I didn’t scrog and just used yo-yo hangers on the top heavy tipsters. Your garden looks on point Gweedo, well done????


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Day 47 update incoming, seem to have hit a string of bad luck here lately, all this crazy juju going around has leaked into my grow???, had the ladies fall over on me, had a timer go apeshit on me and cost the lives of 2 of my dbbxlvtk testers from Mr eso ???, and none of my clones rooted they got tossed, had some wierd ass looking growth all over the stems where they were in the cubes, so bought a nice digital timer for the f&d the babies are in, gonna buy at least 2 more can't be having that shit in the baby area they're too fragile. Flower area is rolling along pretty decently only the 2 oddball feeders gave me any problems, they're all on a water toooff only diet till chop about 10 days away now ??? here's some pics from this morning
Skunky VA day 47
20200221_114929.jpg 20200221_114945.jpg
20200221_115052.jpg 20200221_115040.jpg 20200221_121300.jpg

DBB green phenos Day 47
20200221_114956.jpg 20200221_115158.jpg 20200221_115133.jpg 20200221_115115.jpg 20200221_115026.jpg


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