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Tilts at Tables
This looked fine on Christmas morning when we checked it out. We finished the entertainment stand today, and she was a little disappointed when it came back out of the box looking like this.
The crystal had fallen into the unit.
It was originally held on with two swipes of hot glue, so not surprising that it came loose.
Case came off easy and the lcd display backed off with two screws.

We cleaned up the mating surfaces and put a bead of B7000 all the way around.
Nifty unit, simple build yet feature heavy. With a chromecast on the back of her TV, she can run the theatre sound without HDMI.
The headphone jack comes out at line level into the aux input on the amp.
Everything a preteen needs. Netflix and YouTube coming out the big speakers, and she can run it all from her phone.
I was happy to see RCA aux-in. If I can find a line level turntable, she will be all set.
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