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White Widow day 61.
What would you do??
I haven't grown one of these before, but I know the strain isn't known for couch lock, so I'm not sure if it's worth letting the trics amber. Plus, she's starting to foxtail.
I haven't harvested anything since March, so I kinda have an itchy trigger finger atm...
I can take more pictures once lights have come on if needed.
20-09-28 11:59:54.png 20-09-28 12:05:39.png


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She didn't survive my impatience...
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I whole plant dry so she should get 2-3 more days of ripening under her belt.
Should be able to smoke some in 7-10 days or so.

I figure I'll let my other one go a bit longer and see which I like more for future runs.
Good job! Anytime you get a plant to harvest you are winning! She looks lovely too. I would have waited another week or possibly two but that's me trying to deny how much I hate chopping by saying I prefer a more mature plant.

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