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Pretty good 420 sale going on now. Bodhi packs are $55 and BOGO. They have some packs no one else has had in a little while to my knowledge as well.

Also, if you buy a bodhi & strayfox pack you get a pack of pura vida f2s and wolfpack f2s
I took full advantage of this. I’ve only ordered from Shoe once and it was solid.
I grabbed Booty (Pirate Sweat x 88g13Hp), Neroli91, Clusterfunk and Space Cake (GSC x Snow lotus)
With 2x Chem91 skva x SSDD and 2x Soul Axis as freebies. ??


In Bloom
Got my order today. Forgot to include the stickers shoe sent but I actually liked them all (can't say the same for other banks)

I'm really blown away by the overgrow freebies.. the vials are stuffed to the brim with f2 goodness.. Very grateful.


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