Help for Stor & Bickel Volcano

Hi everyone. I love my volcano and it is my daily toker. It came to me well loved and normal wear and tear. Recently one of the torx screws came off the side and I haven't had much success finding the confirmed size or part name/number. The Volcano still functions but extra vibration sometimes unscrews the weed receptacle and the mess is annoying. I found only one site that sells the part but doesn't share size info, and their eCommerce process is shady AF.

Anybody here able to help?


In Bloom
T8/2mm doesn't give you enough information to specify a replacement. In order to figure out what you need, you need to find out the thread pitch (number of threads per in. or mm). Take a screw that fits the hole for the missing screw to the hardware store and find out the pitch on the screw boards. Then you can get a inexpensive replacement screw.


Gum Wrapper Grows
Not screw related, but my folks just got one of these, and I was wondering what settings you guys find best for the volcano?
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