Hey... Glad to have found this place!


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Let me be the first to welcome you @CataractJack
Whoever told you I was cool totally lied to you haha :geek:
Glad to have you aboard and look forward to seeing what you run.
WOOOT! Hey man! Hah! Well a buddy of mine ran your Grease's Pieces. Shit was FIRE. Unfortunately I can't find it anywhere (want some). But I do have some Sin N Juice that he didn't have a chance to run yet. And it's just about time to start some more plants.


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I heard some pretty cool peps like HydroRed are here...? So I thought I'd pop my head in and see what's up. Might be running some 3Thirteen beans in my next grow. Thought this would be a cool place to diary it up.
Welcome, I'm growing some 3Thirteen seeds right now, Citrus MILF is about to finish up in my grow journal. And the coolest thing is HydroRed's avatar, @HydroRed puhleez tell me that's you with that magnificent mane...
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