Hi everyone


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Hi everyone!

Thanks for accepting me here! So here's a little bit about myself;

I'm 33 and living in a small (and flat as they say) country of western EU. I've been growing for about 12 years now, mainly in coco auto feed DTW under 600 or 1000w hid. I've been mostly pheno hunting for all these years, I simply just can't help myself with popping seeds lol. Made a few crosses for friends in the past, but till now I’ve always been too busy with popping seeds to really focus on personal crosses. As I’m making things a little bit smaller now, I intend to keep some males of the upcoming strains I’ll be growing from now, and just see where all of this will lead me to.
I was more active on EU and US forums few years ago under the nicknames Rhaco/Banjo, then step back due to personal and health issues. I kept on growing but I was clearly missing something, not having a lot of "advanced" grower in my area to share with didn't help at all.

So few months ago I started looking again for a nice place to share, learn and just chill with fellow growers without having the typical arguments about hid vs led etc.. I was just getting tired of consulting big forums and leaving them 30 minutes after, more angry than I was in the first place due to all these arguments, inflated ego’s etc.. This is def not what I'm looking for...
Then I eventually found this place thanks to another member, had a quick look at the forum and it definitely seems to be a place with great people, great knowledge people, great vibes!

Growing weed has always been my main hobby, besides this my wife and I have four « rescued » dogs and other animals which are taking most of our time, but this is just 100% happiness.

So I will soon start a thread with what's going on at home at the moment, in the meantime I have a lot to catch up, already seen some very interesting things to read and get inspired of!

Thanks for the reading, and take care everyone!
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