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So I wanted to start a thread on this stuff just to get some discussion going. I just switched to using it to finish my current crop. I'm trying super soil for a lot of plants these days as well, but I'm going to do one plant in soil using just Veg+Bloom Dirty with their Life+ product starting in another grow cycle just to see what I think of it. It's pretty reasonably priced and readily available at hydro shops near me. They also carry a few other supplements called Push, Stackswell and Shine, none of which I am trying at the moment. But if I see good results from the base nutrients I may check them out, particularly Shine.

Their line includes mixes formulated for all different water types for Hydroponics and then Dirty (for obvious applications).

It claims to keep your nutrient mix in the proper pH range at all times. So far, according to my tests it has done exactly that. My tap water sits at 7.2-7.8 usually, after mixing in 4g of Veg+Bloom per gallon and .5g of Life+ my pH is always between 6.2 and 6.5. Im also hoping it's inclusion of Ca and Mg in the ratios that it does means no more CalMag supplementing even in the LED and CMH tents.

The manufacturer does warn that Dirty contains organic components and there may be sediment left behind which has been my experience so far. It dissolves pretty well but not usually 100%.

In my limited experience with it, it feels similar to MegaCrop. I used General Organics for a few months and hated it so this is a huge relief.

With it's relatively low price point, availability and ease of use, I've been a little surprised how few growers I've seen try this stuff, or at least share their results if they did, so away we go!

Here's the guaranteed analysis of Veg+Bloom Dirty: 20200528_152310.jpg

And Life+:
20200528_152329.jpg 20200528_152332.jpg
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