Let’s see outdoors 2021


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don't have any pics yet but i plan on running COPA project 25 suppost to beat the newengland weather bluberry muffin and my old blue cheese
hybred i made years ago and trying out my purple punch crossed with brisco's black mamba razz pheno male either way i should end up with some fire
copa's project 25 i have one in the tent flowering what a nose on that stuff full on sweet hashy goodness @ 3wks i will be posting some pics of
the copa project 25 in another thread when i have the spare time having a puppy around adds to the work load :punkrocker: :stoned:


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I’m shooting for monsters this year. My outdoor will be going outside next weekend. You can see how big they already are. At this time last season, my outdoor were a small seedlings. This year I went for clones from my pheno hunts. Most the girls bottom stem is thicker then a roll of quarters, no exaggeration. 6200F6DC-8DD8-4141-A728-4BB5809579AE.jpeg6B1B8D3F-3502-467B-8872-E3243F59D94C.jpeg39A34FC9-DD05-4490-B7CD-3CA3970B9B3A.jpeg6171D9B5-1926-4274-814E-2EBF3D926C92.jpeg(Zoom up on from right girl) Currently getting 17 hours of daylight and will get a week of 16 hours.


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So many decisions... All outside for now, but some are regs, so they may not stay...

Got some Runtz, Giesel, Peanut Butter Breath, Larry OG, Rum Runner, Valedictorian, Skunky VA, Skunky VD(as I call it), Star Dragon x Skunky VD, Skunky VA x Skunky VD, and a few autos from Twenty20 Mendocino to round things out. Triks, Trizzlers, Vida Mints, and Durban Sunrise.

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