light cyle for flower


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thoughts on this cycle:

Use 12/12 for transition stage (weeks 1 and 2) ---- weeks 3-5 (middle flower ) use 11/13 - Late flower (weeks 6-10) use 11/13 but in last 2 weeks before harvest use 10/14 along with dimming lights to 75% in the final two weeks before harvest . Note: have found that if you use 11/13 in transition this shortens transition stage and if you use this thru flower you will shorten flower times by 1-2 weeks. ?????????????????? thoughts ~~


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I prefer 12/12 for flower. Some varities take longer to transition to flower under 12/12 but I find that they easily catch up and don't finish any later. I run my lights at 100% during the finishing of flower. I want to max out the resin production by stressing it in the last days of flower. Some HID's even have an overdrive or boost mode for finishing.
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