Little Dabbies Grow Thread!

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So heres a few pics to get shit started, I'll have more when the lights come on tonight in the flowering tent, Moving lights around tonight so shit won't look the same tomorrow!! :D

Lights are Series 3 330W Each for a total of 660W which i'll be stuffing nicely in my 4x4 tent ;)

UVa On off switch, also Veg (blue) and flower (red) switches.

Just fucking sexy as hell and bright as fuck, my eyeballs are still adjusting..

The Little Lite first is an SF-1000 I was supposed to review and test it for spider farmer but i got banned so .. shrugs free light tho :D Its a pos.. I mean like.. really its a pos.

The other light is a Vipraspecta 150W Also a peace of shit but a slightly better peace of shit.

Both are cheap chinese peices of shit which ima give one to my brother and use the other as a clone light then put one of my 300W mars hydros in the 3x3 and give the other to my brother! w00t. more pics when i change lights 2night.
116908316_296464618362779_2742327509455487063_n.jpg 116907727_296464575029450_2948340627581346895_n.jpg 116906223_296464508362790_3954005072951264396_n.jpg 116110055_296464435029464_6948640872236325051_n.jpg 116954117_296464378362803_7858992645512003076_n.jpg 116903910_296464345029473_5867237010483389280_n.jpg 117139454_296464311696143_9189003998414672980_n.jpg 117102047_296464238362817_6940381214173466117_n.jpg 116843222_296464188362822_2386460253224024216_n.jpg


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Thats a debatable issue, I've only had em about a month so far. There cheap chinese lights that alone should instill some questions at the very least of authenticity of any claims they make about the lights.
I hacked a vipar spectra & put meanwell drivers & 50v. Luminus cobs in it so far so good I paid good money for a johnson cob led light only to get it & see a made in China sticker on the light after unboxing it Johnson light is now horticulture lighting group needless to say I felt like an idiot that being said 3 years of constant use & still going it's just I thought they were an American company & I guess they supplied the cree cobs & outsourced the rest to china later ones used citizen cobs at least you knew before you purchased the mars what it was all about I seen a grow on another forum using one of those lights & tbh it looked good


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Looking good....... Nice Lights... LD

Keep it Rocking Bro................

I'm still rolling also>>>>>>>>>>:passjbuds::lazycouchlock::breaktime::stoned::alert:

Why thank you kind sir! I need to re - adjust the hangers on the lights and prolly move my carbon filter too its kinda getting int he fuckin way now.. ugh

There really needs to be better ways to hang these lights then punching holes in heat sinks and calling that mounting hardware :\ A lil annoying americans couldn't come up with something more suitable and perm hardware wise. Couple I hooks mounted to the damn hey wait a second i wonder if i could mount a cpl eye hooks hehehehe now im thinkin outloud!
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