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Well, I consider myself to be a new grower. Lol after a trip to Jamaica in 2016 I was amazed at the medicinal properties of cannabis. I had just stopped taking suboxone after a year of taking it,as a way to stop eating hydrocodone that the va gave me. I hadn’t slept In almost a week when my wife went to the bartender at the resort we were staying at and got me a joint! I’m not sure how many French fries I ate that night, but I slept like a baby. The minute I got home from that trip I started researching how to grow my own. I threw together a 5x5 box out of 2” thick styrofoam with foil backing,8 inch exhaust fan with carbon filter I had 2 dwc 5 gallon buckets ,etc.and grew 2 seeds that my cousin gave me. All of this time I never told my wife what I was doing because I knew she would be against it as we live in a “boring” state, and I had just spent the last 8 years dependent on pharmaceuticals.I made it until one week before I planned on harvesting when she found out(smell), needless to say they turned out beautifully, until she made me run over them with the lawn mower?. Fast forward to 2020 when covid hit I couldn’t stand the thought of not having my medicine, as I have had several surgeries from injuries related to the military. I convinced my wife that all I wanted for my birthday was to be able to grow my own, surprisingly she said ok.... so I’ve got a 3x3 tent with a 6 inch fan and carbon filter. I have 4 knock off (enfun) qb’s with 2 -240w drivers. I am very green when it comes to growing, I have never done a pheno hunt, but I look forward to learning from all of you!
I just chopped down my first grow. By far my best plant was a topanga bananas from bbb, I absolutely tortured that plant, i started that bean before I even had my tent, she Was nutrient burned, went into transplant shock, then was nutrient deficient, went full on purple stems, and was seeded by a pipedream x the animal cross that threw balls( I made the decision to keep and pluck balls off for a week)I supercropped the piss out of her, actually broke a few branches clean off and taped them back on?, I grew in plain old promix with mycorrhizae, and used biobizz bottled nutrients. Occasionally making/feeding medicago Sativa tea. The topanga bananas smoke is super earthy/ dank, the smell is almost like a rotten lavender/ bad breath. But it is absolute ? to me. I will definitely try out more from briscos bargain beans. Here are some pics of the topanga bananas, it’s crazy to think how much better the plant would have been had it not been for me jacking her up!back left is topanga bananas, back right is pipedream x the animal, front plant is a stardawg tester .


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I’ve got 6 Death Star seedlings in my dome that were gifted to me by a fly fishing guide in vail colorado, I’m planning on picking out the best 3, and I popped 6 seeds that came out of the topanga bananas I have 4 that germinated, I’m just worried they might hermie also.


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I will never forget what those nights were like when I first got clean. I also remember that revelation when cannabis gave me my sleep back. For that I will forever be grateful.
Welcome aboard bro, I’m here to help if I can. Lmk if you need something via pm.
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