May 2021 Photo of the Month Contest

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:weedleaf:📸May 2021 📸:weedleaf:

:phenohunt:One entry per participant (one photo per entry)
:phenohunt:Entry must be submitted by the last day of this month (May 31, 2021) to qualify
:phenohunt:Last month’s prize winner will not be eligible to receive this month’s prize pack, but the “Paparazzi” badge (win 3 POTM) is still available

:weedleaf:📸:weedleaf:POTM VOTING:weedleaf:📸:weedleaf:
Instead of using a 1 reaction=1 vote system to decide the top three for the final poll, every photo will be featured in the final poll at the end of the month. The photo with the most votes at the conclusion of the poll will be the winner of the POTM Contest for that month and receive the prize (if eligible). Please feel free to like the photos as they are submitted throughout the month, just know that every photo will be featured in the final poll to decide the winner. This new POTM vote system will ensure an equitable voting timeframe, regardless of the entry upload day within the month.

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:weedleaf:Good Luck!:weedleaf:


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**Drops the mic**

Nuff said

Got damn! Great shot my dude!! Looks super kill.. I wanna eat it...and wanna be it. Nice job!🙌

Looks dope man!

This girl too! Holy bejeebus!!

Like I've mentioned before...super stiff competition over here. Can't wait to see the rest of this month's entries!
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