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@HydroRed and @Uncle Rom got me to thinking.
Of all that Terps and tastes and profiles I read about, Menthol doesn't seem to come up in memory.

@Seed of Memory , like myself, is growing a seedsman -white widow.

I am getting a pungent, Vicks VapoRub, smell off of the plant in the third week of flower.
It is certainly not spearmint or peppermint- I have walked in fields of that.

Has anyone produced their own menthol ?


3Thirteen Seeds
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I havent produced my own, but grew out a Female Seeds "Bubblegummer" that was 100% menthol/Vicks Vaporub. It was disgusting haha.
Its not a flavor that I particularly care for, but if you are looking for it you may have good luck finding it in those beans. I read (after growing it) quite a few folks that experienced the same terp profile that I did when they grew that strain out.
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