Monkey Juice BX1

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Strain Name: Monkey Juice BX1
Genetics: GG#4 x (GG#4 x Mimosa)
Sex: Feminized
Type: Hybrid

Yield: Meduim-Large
Flowering Time: 9+ Weeks
Height: Tall both in veg and in flower.
Feeding: Does well with elevated N during veg and early flower.

Phenotypes: Heavy GG#4 leaners & foxtailing should be present on most phenos as it is a backcross to the GG#4 mom. Anticipate lots of stretch with majority of phenos (up to 3x from onset of flowering cycle indoors). Shorter phenos will be more likely exhibit more of the "Juice" side of the terpene profile.
Effect: Strong
Taste/Smells: Earthy, Coffee, Chocolate, Juice, Citrus Zest

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