My new ladies


In Bloom
So here is the run down of the veg tent. Everything is being grown in FFOF under a 1000 Enjoyield LED dimmed down to 50 %. Temps stay between 72-78. No filter just a fan.
County Line Genetics
1x chroquembrouche
1x homecoming queen
Both unreleased strains by county line.
2x Dank Sinatra
3x Banana Hash plant
Sorry switched from phone to laptop.
1x Welchie
2x Stank Bubble

2x Purple Dream
2x City Slicker
1x Pebble Pusher
1x CBD
1x Runtz

new420guy by way of @TheSadBadGrower:
3 Run Homer

! city slicker and 1 Stank bubble will start on 12/12. One or two more maybe added

Wait til you get the seeds I am sending out today...Gonna be nice seeing some In house, solfire and symbiotic in your garden. What a time to be a grower lol
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