New EU 2021 VAT Rules for Ecommerce makes ordering seeds from non-EU countries a hassle and a safety issue..

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The European Union (EU) is making important changes to its value-added tax (VAT) rules, which come into effect on July 1, 2021. This will impact businesses that sell across EU country borders (also known as distance sellers) and businesses exporting goods to buyers in the EU.

Anything under 22 € was not subject to VAT and taxes before 1.7.2021. Now all commercial orders are subject to VAT and customs from outside EU. This is a security issue for growers, as one has to file tax forms and pay VAT online for cannabis seeds, this leaves info on the system, and at least some Nordic countries customs have composed lists of seeds orders and the narcs have used it to raid indoor grows 2-3 months later.. (not all can use PO box or a friends address...)

Also, this creates problems for USA and Canadian seedbanks and breeders who do business with EU customers, UNLESS they can find an EU distributor. (not even sure of that now..) The buyer end price will be higher without and Dutch and Spanish seedbanks will have a competitional edge here, but the customer side is subject to non-US quality and variety...

I am seriously pissed off, was just planning to make a few orders from PH breeders come July... All based in US.

Off to see what Seedsman or Alchimiaweb (Spain) has to offer now.. (nope, no PH breeders there, dammit.)

edit: seems like at least in my country person to person private letters valued under 45€ are NOT subject to customs nor VAT (seeds as souvenirs etc..), perhaps I can wiggle a deal with breeders... ;)
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