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Hey everyone I’m new on this but looking for good sites or anywhere to get some good seeds?!!
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DC Seed Exchange, Great Lakes Genetics, Deeply Rooted Seed Bank, HumboldtCSI (just to name a few) will come through with amazing service and good selection of beans in both Feminized and Regular. Theres also some breeders that frequent this forum that have their own sites to order from like EsosSeeds and Dinopartychucks that are trustworthy as well.


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Without knowing what your looking for exactly, there's a lot of reputable seed banks nowadays here in the states to choose from. Breeders Direct, Great Lakes Genetics and Neptune Seed Bank are just a few that I recommend. But some seed makers and breeders have certain outlets that they vend through, so it could boil down to a particular supplier if you are looking for a particular line or mix.
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