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Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. I just felt very compelled to put my last experience with Nucleus Seed Bank. I've done business with them/him quite a few times now. Every single time I have gotten freebies, always have been decent too. Their prices are basically on par with most "real deal" banks. His shipping as pretty much been really fast or about normal for what you'd expect any mail from OK to you would take. I did, on my second or third ever order, have a little bit of time between purchasing and shipping. Was about a week. By this point I have ordered from him probably 10-15 times I'd say, so one week delay out of 10-15 times above or average shipping times is pretty good. Especially with the covid running around. So anyway, I just got a phone call from the owner. Sounds like a pretty hands on owner, so we'll go with owner/operator because I'm stoned and it makes happy. He started off with the ol, "hey man, I'm really sorry to have to call you, but I have some bad news. "... I had put an order in for what appeared to be the last grape pupil that "I" can find. So I was stoked. I'll admit, I messed up my bitcoin transaction a little, and had to drop them a line via their contact us page. I figured I'd hear back from them, but I did not expect it to be returned inside of an hour! Yeah, super chill about the whole thing, nice guy, we worked together to figure it out instead of him basically saying figure it out and get back to me. As it was my fault, and I admitted to that right out of the gate. So that was pretty cool too. Got that ironed out pretty quickly and moved on. I was stoked. So anyway, got that phone call today and he was sorry to tell me that unfortunately he had oversold the grape pupil. Super bummer. I was genuinely happy to have those coming. But hey, what are you going to do? So, as any normal person would I'm sure, I told him hey man it is what it is, what am I going to do, fly to OK and fight? Hahaha, I mean honestly, and I really hope I don't have to defend this stance here, shit happens man. If some access to some crazy ass seeds fell through, why stress that? There is so much more to worry about on this planet. Especially these days, for real. He was stoked I was chill about it, and I explained the same jive to him. We basically shot the shit for a solid 15-20 minutes easy. Dude is a pretty chill guy, I have to admit. So without too much detail on the transaction, he more than made it right in my opinion. I can't say he singled me out or anything, I feel like for MOST people, he would have done something similar. Or at least made sure you were happy the result. He made that part clear. Maybe I've just been unlucky a lot more than I thought in getting assholes constantly when I have to deal with stuff like that, but I personally feel like it was nice to not feel like I was losing at the end or really even sacrificing. For me, the end result was better than the original order, but that's really up to each person individually there. At the end of the day, I just fell like decent people get overlooked a lot and I try my best to help that a little and also help others in the future, in this case buying seeds. When I started getting seeds offline, man I went through so many different ones. Got lucky a lot and never got fully ripped off. But I'd cop em from UK, Spain etc. All over the place. These days I really only hit up basically three different US banks. Needless to say nucleus is one of them. So thanks for checking this out and do yourself a favor and check them out. You'll be pleased with how it goes and what they have etc. Here's a link for your convenience. Oh, my wife says since I sound all over this guy I should probably let you know that i am in absolutely no way related to nucleus or anything like that at all. Wasn't asked, not getting anything for it etc. Simply just think he needed some props and spread the word to my friends about a safe, secure, friendly place to grab some beans. Take care every one. And be safe.
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