On two wheels


I dont think this has popped up anywhere in here yet. Who rides motorcycles? Street or dirt, doesn't matter as long as its got two wheels & makes you say, "Weeeeeeeee" when you twist that grip 😂.

I dont ride nearly as much as I used to, being it was my only mode of transport for years, but I still like to go out for a rip & get a little loose on a mountain road or ride the trails...

The feeling of clarity in my head in that moment hanging off the edge at over 100mph coming around a corner, just yourself, the bike, & the road, nothing else matters... except for where we're gonna stop next so we can smoke a joint 😂



home grown
I used to have a bastardized harley ( pan lowers shovel uppers ) & had dirt bikes as well (yz400 & rm 370) & have had the pleasure of riding a built gear 1100 Suzuki that literally came alive every time I cracked the throttle both fascinating & deadly at the same time I was only too happy to hand it over to its owner before I did myself damage lol also road a friends new street glide one of the twin cam ones that is a very nice bike
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