Opinions on smoking magical mushrooms?

Would you?

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I see in vice ep they are def smoking dried magical mushrooms but i would love to see ur views on this. If so this method def sounds interesting if u farmed the mushrooms and had the stash .

being this is less advertised way, kinda wantec to see ur inputs and see . Is if only certain ones or any magical mushroom ( in moderation obviously )



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I am no help with this but I have a story about smoking mushrooms lol

When I was probably 15 me and my buddys all ate an 1/8 we where tripping hard my buddy spilt his weed all over the table so my buddy scooped it all into a pile and loaded it in the hookah the next day we look at the hookah and it’s all burnt mushrooms and pieces of sausage from a pizza ate earlier in the day lol….apparently what everyone of us thought was spilt bud was actually like powdered mushrooms not bud at all and the sausage well I guess that was on the table too lol that’s all but we all tripped super hard maybe it was from us smoking it

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In a world far away,, in the mid 70's it was.
There was a moment in time unlike any other time.
We young bastards had somehow gathered together a big fat ball of opium, a nice little sack of mescaline powder and alot of dried shrooms.
All I can say is after a couple days we cam back to planet earth, and I was personally glad to be back!
We smoked all 3 of these items and I have to give them all 5 thumbs up, I say 5 because the 3 of us had 6 thumbs but my 1 buddy said nevermore after that weekend.
People came and went and thorughout the weekend and thought we were the nut factory,,, lol, I kinda guess we was.

For perspective, the opium was the narcotic, the mescaline was the amphetamine and the shrooms were the rest of the show!
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Would you smoke fungus in your weed?

Boomers are processed differently....their is a conversion process and perhaps you can get that initatied by your lungs but...its a fungus and smell them....SMELL THEM

I say hard pass on smoking mushrooms.....LemonTech a tea if you want to reduce the flavor. 1/2 gram will hit like 1.5... I went to space lemon teching 1 gram of penis envy....guts were very mellow about the whole thing. The fibre of the boomrs is not digestable and causes gut discomfort.

That being said...let say you just grew a mushroom kit....dried those fresh beauty boomers....well fuck i might smoke a doob of that :D

I want to beat Elon Musk to Mars anyway.


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the problem with acid....boomers last like 3 or 4 hours.

But acid is so much nicer...over 10 hours. Clean.... I did a trip this year...i need to get some good blotters....but its a real time drain.

I can do boomers at 8 am...be ready to make dinner by 2 pm...start it (I create food)....

Acid was a HOLY FUCK and WOW and my face hurt from smiling for 8 of those 10 hours....but man i will do that again.


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the problem with acid....boomers last like 3 or 4 hours.
That's one of the reasons I liked mushrooms, I had more control.
Once you do that hit, you are on a trip until the LSD lets you go. With zoomers I would eat a couple grams to start and then eat another half or so every couple hours to maintain. If I was ready to shut it down, I stopped and in a few hours it was done.

If I decided 4 hours into a 12 hour 'cid trip that I didn't want to do this anymore, too bad, the ride just keeps going.
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We tried smoking shrooms when we were teens with no noticeable effects, it seemed like a waste. Even if it worked it would be short lived. Lemon tek and your blood stream convert the p word to another p word to get the ball rolling. I have a bag here but inhaling a fungus in my lungs doesn’t seem like fun anymore.


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What was funny about the acid is my best bud said hey man i was at this party...it was an acid party and they were handing out 2 hits a person..you want em

Sure man sounds great

took the first one...over an hour later i took the 2nd when willie said if it fizzles on your tongue its still good....FIZZLE...What...and then everything went acid. Soon as that went fizz...the world went weird and wonderful like a magical snap of the fingers.


dont smoke acid either kids :D lol

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