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Was reading about this tech founded by Rush Wayne. Found it a little interesting as it mentions you can do certain things non sterile., and use h202 , most mushroom species grew happily, but contam orgs did not. This making the culture resistant to contams for long periods, open air handling etc. Going to hunt down his book for more info..1996 Growing Mushrooms the easy way: home mushroom cultivation with hydrogen peroxide.

Has anyone read about this, or know of its efficacy?
heres a snipped of the book im reading:

Psilocybin Mushroom Handbook Easy Indoor and Outdoor by LG Nicholas and Kerry Ogamé
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This info has been out a while. I have seen a few use peroxidated agar, and I have used peroxide to dip tissue culture specimens in before transferring.
I'm not sure how much real legitimacy this has. It has been discussed, tried and most I've seen agree it is more of a preventative than a cure for anything. It's certainly not THE fix for all bacterial contams or everyone would have been using it since the 90's.
It is something to experiment with and test, but my expectations wouldn't be too high.
Still interesting reading material and an option to attempt when all else fails. Good find :)
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