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I'll second the interest in the search here! My buddy has been telling me about his memories of the paw for years, so I've been looking for it, more for him.
I know Bodhi has it. I was supposed to test his monkey paw x wookie cross, but no luck yet. The first pack they sent came completely crushed, and the second pack has been MIA since may.
It would be awesome if someone could actually get the cut around. It's supposed to be a legend around the mitten here.


Gum Wrapper Grows
Ah, yeah, you're right. I do remember seeing a cross there at one point. Don't see them now. I think maybe the ones I saw were called brutal monkey? That would probably be the monkey paw crossed to their brutal Kush male, I'd imagine.
Do you remember the name of the Cindy cross?

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I once had a cut of Monkey Paw that I picked up in A2 from a clone business that used to operate down there. Also had Green Crack, Mango Puff, Alien OG, and a few others, but I managed to lose most of them over the years. The only clone I still have from back then is a 5:3 CBD strain called Star Tonic.


Gum Wrapper Grows
Well, I've tracked down the Monkey Paw, and can get ahold of her... If I find an even more elusive cut to trade! D'oh! The search is on...

Until then though, I should have an interesting cross coming to play with!
It's called Shotgun Willie, and it's a cross of Monkey Paw, and Willie Nelson, by Kinetic.
They're both reportedly Vietnamese and Nepalese genetics, and should be fun to hunt through.
I thought these crosses were 14+weeks, but according to Kinetic, they should finish in the 10-11 week range, so I'm even more excited to check them out... Hell, I may even be able to run a couple outside!
Anyone ran any Paw crosses since this thread started?


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Right on, keep us updated!
At the risk of counting my chickens early, I should be getting a couple packs of Shotgun Willie next week, and will be popping them ASAP. I dunno where I'm gonna squeeze em in, but I'm planning at least a pack at a time, with F2s in the mix somewhere. These beans should be the closest you can get to the Paw so far, as both parents should be a mixture of Vietnamese and Nepalese. The upcoming S1s should be even closer. Also, Kinetic says he's only run a few of the SWs, but they mainly lean toward the Paw, so that's encouraging.
I'll try to keep this thread alive with updates, as long as there's no catastrophes lol


Gum Wrapper Grows
In the pool, ladies... No time to waste... I'll figure out where to squeeze you in sooner than later...


Those are the Shotgun Willies swimming. Got 3 packs of those, and the bonus surprise of the Mills Fruit Farm. No time for those at the moment, with the AITR preservation beans coming next.
Good looking out to Kinetic Genetics for the awesome hookup though!


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Welp, 1 pack down, 2 to go.
0/10 germ on the first pack.
Did about 36 hours swim, 2-3 days in a coffee filter, and the last week or so in dirt.
Nada yet, but still hoping...
I have had a seed pop after months being in a dry coco cube, but that's an anomaly...
Still, I'm hoping for something.
If not soon, I'll send another pack swimming...


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When I was very young there was a Black Monkey Paw imported from Africa that was a really big thing in Michigan back in the late 70's- early 80's and the seed was kept by anyone that got a sack, but I think it is no longer kinda like Michael Myers Pinconning Paralyzer outside of the crosses we see holding the namesake!

Most of the Monkey Paw I've seen in the modern scene tends to be a dread-full looking flower with a lot of fingers like the GMO and Chem lines..

Subbed for the show and I hope you find what you are seeking!
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