Pineapple anyone? Who´s got the ultimate best sativa pineapple?

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I love pinapple weed, and have started to look around for some reg seeds for it. Ideally just pineapple, no skunky pineapple, cheesy pinapple etc. Something that smells like pineapple one doesn´t even need a carbon filter, lolz. Perhaps hunt from a nice C99, but whose? From some landrace? All ideas welcome. Have you come across a good one??? A REALLY good one that is. ( fast or not, I don´t really mind, I have patience but prefer photos, not autos or femmed...) Does indica landraces have pineapple phenos? Any spesific area where it might be more common, ie. Asia, Africa etc..? Perhaps hunt based on terpene profile??? "Pineapple has attractive flavors and terpenes are one of the main volatile flavor compounds. Now the terpenoids reported in pineapple are mainly sesquiterpenes including selinene, caryophyllene, cadinene and copaene (Wei et al., 2011) ."

Thanks and have a great day you all..
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If you’re gonna go with the Apollo 11/c99 family I’d go bro’s Grimm as they were the ones who worked that stuff.

popped 3 Mosca blue iguanas a few months back, I won’t be revisiting that company anytime soon . Weak, lanky, slow growing plants.

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Very happy for all comments. I think I´m going to look for C99 at least. On some grow journals seems that the pineapple pheno is more indica looking and the stiva lookin is more grapefruit.. Then there is the third one, a skunkier pineapple... Curious too about any pineapple indicas...


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Hey there bud? not sure on the ultimate best sativa pineapple. But, I did a preservation run last year of some C99 x C99*(*C99 or *Apollo 11) I got from Sebring Seeds. I didn't get a chance to smoke it, as it was a seed run for preservation and sharing. But the mom was all pineapple, perhaps a bit overripe pineapple, but all pineapple. I hit her with 2 male siblings pollen that were damn near carbon copies of each other. I've shared with just a handful of people so far. I haven't grown them out yet myself, but at least one or two members here are currently in veg with em. I still have a small grip of them to share. If you're interested I can send you a pack or two. Free of charge, just grow and share your experience is all that's asked. Lemme know, happy growing ??
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