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I haven't used them, might I suggest a couple of alternatives that I know the members here have used with much success. Great Lakes Seedbank, Dc Seed Exchange, JBC seeds all have excellent track records with customer service and deliveries. They have reputable breeders. The bank you are looking at looks like a seed mill set up to catch new comers who are unaware of how to obtain quality genetics. The price is low but you get what you pay for.


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Thank you! I was looking for a specific strain and i found that site but will look ant the ones you sent. Thank you again
I second that sentiment from @GthaEnigma. Both DC Seed Exchange and Great Lakes Seedbank are friendly to the forum... They have plenty of selection to keep ya busy for years lol...



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I've dealt with PSM and have had no problems. You can get plenty of beans for small cash outlay. They are In house, so no other breeders seeds. Not a huge selection but fresh and stable beans IMO.
They don't answer emails or from their Contact Us. Premium took a microgrower's money,(they wanted 10 packs of Blue Dream for their start up to be ready for April '22 Rec cannabis roll out) and never sent the order.
Funny, they don't have a phone number to call either.

I ended up sourcing their BD order through a reliable breeder.

Those experiences alone me, it's "buyer beware". I wanted the Texada Time Warp, but nixed the idea, pronto.
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