Pump "noise" and it's effects on ph readings.

Hey everyone, so I just stumbled upon something interesting, if you follow my ramblings at all, or check my award(should have been) winning photos in the month to month comp, then you know I love the strange and unusual things that I find on my journey with this amazing plant.
So I've been having a time this run with my ph. Spare you the details, but turns out my pretty expensive ph meter was all out of whack. So lately I've been really on top of ph, each watering. Normally, I could tell you relatively close as I've been using the same nutes and procedures for a bit now. Obviously not been the case recently, but I won't get into that, not important. What is though, is I was checking my ph, with my water pump running. It's keeps a prime and basically just circulates until you squeeze the release and begin to water. So it's making vibrations and what I call pump "noise", the electrical and physical things it's doing to the area around it. Upon checking the ph, it was at 8+ and climbing. Fast. Topped out at 14. Now I know I haven't been on my game lately, but no way in hell I've made anything for my plants even close to that. So in my head scratching I turned off the pump. Ph dropped like a rock. I did this a hand full of times to verify, and sure as shit, every time I turned on the electric pump to water the plants, the ph would sky rocket.
I have never grown hydro, or used pumps on a continuous basis to keep plants alive. So maybe every one but me already was aware of this anomaly. I have not tried with a battery powered pump to see if there's a difference yet but will. I just thought, it would be good knowledge to keep in mind, say if anywhere in your line, you are using a circulatory pump or any electrical pump I guess. So keep an eye out and let me know what you all know about this. I don't think I'm winning any pulitzer prize with this, hell, I probably just spelled it wrong, but it was something I've never ran into and could see its implications if over looked by some. Anyway, thanks for listening. As always, thanks for listening, let me know what you think or find, and be safe out there. Take care of each other out there. I promise you, if we don't look out for each other out on the street and at the grocery store, no one is going to. I don't see the gov incorporating any pillow police to come around and help out, so if you see a random out there and they need assistance, don't think no one saw you and turn away, give some one 5 minutes of your day, you never know who or how you may effect things in the universe. Or maybe you do and if that's the case, then I have a lot of questions for you. Haha. Anyway love your neighbor. Take care.
Yeah, I've read similar, regarding the pH dropping with pumps running. It hasn't shown any ill effects though, long term.
Yeah, this was so off the charts, I obviously knew it wasn't correct. Just was thinking about hydro people and if they ever experienced that. I have personally never tried any automated recirculating type of hydro. Just like to bri g things up when I see them. That's all. I can't imagine it's a wide spread problem at all. Just interesting.


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I have seen wild stuff from submerged pumps.

My favorite one was when I provided ground for an errant circuit. Bit me pretty good.

Has effect on fish , as well. FishTB-300x217.jpg

Most aquarium pumps are induction drive.
They can get 'leaky' as the epoxy insulation cracks.
It would not suprise me that a field generating device could mess with a electrical measuring device.
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