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I have a pair of boards i bought..QB120s in 4k with fancy chips. They are just the metal boards with chips.

I got 2 aluminum cookie sheets 12 x 18 to mount them in. I got a tube of thermal paste too.

I read you dont need heat sinks....you dont need thermal paste.

I think i should spear it all over the back of it and mount it on the board....is there a reason to not do that ?

I am going to mount the sheets on a pair of 3 foot rails....in the centre will be a slot so i can put a 3rd board right in the fixture if i want to pump up the 2 x 4 tent.

240 or 320 watts as needed. But i have to build the light.


Elite Hobbyist
Thanks...that is great. Cookie sheets came. I will build a light tomorrow maybe.

I am going to use the new light for a veg light in my 3 x 5 room so i can space them out over a 3 foot bar. With the cookie sheets and thermal paste for rigidity and...i kind of like the softer edges of the cookie sheet...its a contusion more than a cut....boards are sharp on hairless heads.... (shit you never read in a fortune cookie).
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