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Tilts at Tables
Do you have a "go to" tune to evaluate stereo components ?
I have a few,,,
To check speaker placement, and stereo channel separation, I like this one.

His voice is delivered from the left channel, and echoes in the right,,,the next vocal comes from the right, and echoes in the left stage. Helps to set azmith, counterbalance and antiskate.
You can play with that one for hours.

To check tweets and sibilance, these nails on the chalkboard will reveal all short comings. A subsonic filter will tame her foot. The harmonic dual tone at the end, will make most stereos sound awful.
This track has abrupt tones, helps to find cabinet leaks, vent chuffs, picture frame rattles and other sympathetic vibes, in the listening room.

This should fill a room.

Hows 'bout you?
Do you know of a track that is hard to reproduce ?


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That's pretty cool and much more elegant than what I've done.

I finally watched Top Gun in 5.1 surround with some equipment I got for free, tried both Dolby Pro Logic and DTS. That's about the extent of my "audiophile" testing ?

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