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So i piddled with it a lot in the 90's. I used to have to soak the cubes, and ph them down to 5.5. Started in 1in, then to 4in, then intro tray of hydroton, or an ol' school DWC...slabs in totes... we , had cutouts for strawberry baskets in the lids, 2 cylinder airstones etc...some results good some bad, like learning about algae and dealing with it....the two spotted bitch who shall not be named..etc

Looking at this situation, how would you maintain the ph and ec of the slab, woudnt it change.. collect salts?? Just ripped and my brain is stormin'.

Have a great weekend all!

Lights went off in my head, but there has to be a gotcha there is with everything :):

I mean from my perspective below, I would have th top of the cubes covers also to prevent algae..
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Looks real nice and very clean!
If there is no runoff you might get some salts build up and possibly Ph shifts.
When we tried drippers in rockwool long long ago hehe, it worked well early then we started developing those issues in flower.
We pulled the drippers, replacing with full flow hoses, saturating the slabs on 30 minute cycles. Then testing the runoff as needed. It did reduce salt build up and kept the ph at a more steady level.
We were using trays underneath however, which made that easier. Also began recycling the runoff back to the res.
Keep updating, I'm interested to see what you run into if anything. I still have an old hydrofarm quantum, I thought about breaking it out again :)
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