Roots organic Terp + misc : coco DTW ( great idea or asking for problems?)


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Well I’ve been using roots organic uprising than when they released terp line , I added on ( outdoors , in 50% peat / 5o% large perlite (I also use their pure guanos as well)

when talking To the reps at roots organic (Aurora )I asked if If only using terp line of of they had suggestions ( since that’s the fast release portion of the organics and tea line) use that and top dress it every weekly ( he suggested every 2 weeks and all you need is cal/mag in your water )

I would also add silica , fulvic + humic acid and do weekly microbe/fungi + tea’s with their line. would it work as good as synthetics In dtw? I see a lot of old threads and people explaining it won’t , but the terp line is quite soluble and if you look at what their adding to it ( not many things that are counter caters to coco)

I did see a small % of people saying they said fuck logic and went all out ( on top dressing organics ) and still got amazing results and showed their yields. wish I could find the links cause they explaining .

I have been adding azomite ,insect frass and gypsum np , just never played around with other stuff.

1st option : top dress terp tea + anything else needed every 2 weeks + tea it in every week + every watering must be cal/mag, the tea/fungi will Have have misc goodies like Regalia + other fungi/bennies and fulvic and silica and alfalfa .

2nd option: add some peat to my coco?

3rd option: use roots organics and keep my “ organics dry amendments“ = as no worth it , I realize you will make a lot of things you apply into “ soil “organic matter” but wouldnt it be a coco super soil /non peat moss still ?

terp tea + their whole line is great on soil and I love the taste differnace , A+ and man my plants look so healthy this year :)
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