Seed Collection - How To


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Hang to dry as normal, but make sure there is a collection container underneath.

If you plan to salvage the bud, remove buds from stems and start picking through for beans when it is ~dry enough to be jarred.
If you are able to disregard the bud and just want the seeds, let her dry right out. Just make sure the collection container isn't too far below the hanging plants while drying as seed-bombs can bounce a surprising distance. :)

For the actual collection you can agitate the buds, and especially if dry, many seeds will fall right out. I always end up shredding the individual buds by hand and picking out the seeds though. I go back through the debris in a few days and pick out the rest, as some always manage to evade capture the first time through. Then I just kief the rest of the debris in the Trim Bin and toss it after a good shake.

I'm sure others have more efficient methods, but this should get you started. 🙃


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Here's what I do, because I am lazy and I vape a cubic fuck ton of herb. I do not, however, produce a bunch of seeds. YMMV.

Label the branches that were seeded and keep them intact through harvest. Dry and cure normally. When vaping said branches, break down all the bud at once onto a metal tray (helps to hear the seeds hitting it), pick all of the seeds out, and put them into vials. The work of picking out 40-50 seeds is a lot easier when there's tasty herb to be vaped after.

Whatever you do, label everything clearly.


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,,,, if you cant convince someone to do it for you,,,😆

As suggested, I let them bone dry up.
The most lazy way I have figured is simply put herbage in heavy freezer zipper- bag , gingerly crush and crumble through the plastic.
Only takes a minute. The seed lines up, single file, across the bottom of the bag.


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So much appreciated!

Seed casings are starting to crack open n show the seed inside; hopefully drying soon.

I have a 2x4 tent that's not currently in use; might set it up and line it with white plastic just for seed collection - then probably pick n sieve my way through the rest --- two plants completely seeded out.

After this, I suspect I'll be in the garage making that seed shucker in Skunky's post.
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