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This is a 5pack of Sheberghan from The Real Seed Co. This preservation is being ran by @Gweedo's Growroom !

You can use this thread for documentation of information regarding sheberghan preservation. Thanks man!

Sheberghan Strain Information
Well I've shit the bed on this one ladies and gents, the 5 pack I wet went 1 for 5 on germination ??? Literally the 2 packs I've been the most worried about poppin since I started growin both bombed with total shit germ rates, I'm gonna blame the end user ie my sorry ass for both beanacides rip my 7 Mendo purps and these 5 sherbergans ???, mushy stuff out of the way on to the good news since I screwed the pooch on that pack I upped the ante and promptly ordered a 12 pack of the same strain from the same company and am now awaiting their arrival, be back soon as they get here
Well gents I'm still at it, got those 13 beans I received wet and low and behold terrible germ rates again ??? went 1 for 5 the first go and 5 of 13 the second go, not run into an issue like this before, the first one I assumed I fucked something up but was extra careful and attentive the second go to no avail, I'm gonna run the 6 and be done with em lol but with germ rates that bad should I contact the real seed co or would I be just wasting my time??? Need some guidance guys I'm usually on when it comes to bean popping otherwise my room would be empty all the time ???✌✌✌

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It's been just nothing on the ones that didn't germ in the jar or on the towel, once the others were going I rockwool cubed them all to maintain keeping them wet and still nothing, I should have tried scuffing and some aloe in the water for the soak but I usually just put the fuckups in myself as I did with the first 5 beans but it appears it may actually be the beans after all, should I hit up the company and let em know???


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If bombed some starts in years past, what seems to work best for me is 12-18hr soak in coconut/fulpower/aloe/agsil, straight into the soil, sprayed with water/agsil to keep moist through germ. Im no expert on cracking tough beans, just whats worked for me. Best of luck!
Well I've got 6 of these beans to pop and grow so far, the lone survivor from the first batch has been in hibernation mode so this round of seedlings could catch up a bit, I'll be turning the juice on for em this week had to fill the last 2 stations with some freebie beans, 1 strawberry eclair fem from g13 and 1 sour sorbet from DNA 20210314_112653.jpg
Well out of the 6 I got they are 50 50 girl boy, still bummed I only got 6 out of 18 ???, 100 % on everything after though so I'm leaning towards old beans and me not treating them as so
They went into my first batch ever of organic soil, I mixed up 2 custom mixes and these gals went into the first batch, they were raggedy as hell from solo cup hibernation this is them on transplant day looking fucked up lol
Having never played with organics I was super nervous I'd get the amendments wrong
May 1 20210501_140451.jpg 20210501_140458.jpg 20210501_140504.jpg 20210501_140511.jpg 20210501_140518.jpg 20210501_140523.jpg
Apparently my mix was somewhat close these were taken 6 days later aka yesterday lol they are looking much better, just been adding tap with a dash of recharge, only had to water once in a week so that's a plus, should be flipping in about a week or so, planning on doing a 2 branch pollination on each girl with each boy then mixing em all together that way the timing of the males wont skew it one way or another, ie a one min man dusting the whole show lol the quad branch gal is the only one showing sensitivity to the soil so shes gonna have to just Duke it out lol and the 20210507_125703.jpg
??? my cat loves munching on leaves he gnawed these when I was transplanting and stepped out for a bowl, he got one of my eggplants pretty bad too ????? his name is Goose and hes a flirrken ??
20210501_125138.jpg 20210507_125540.jpg
20210507_125710.jpg 20210507_125716.jpg 20210507_125724.jpg 20210507_125733.jpg
Boys are opening a few pre sacs so they are going into the upgraded multi purpose tent, still running the 360w cob fixture but swooped up a ac infinity 4in smart model, both of my 6s have the older temp only based controller, I really like the new one gonna be grabbing another controller for the bigger fans for sure. I'm gonna defol, I'm, and flip to flower today, they are looking pretty decent for my first go at soil, I'm feeling a tad better about my mixing abilities now?????? pics incoming later, the gals as well its watering day so I'll have em spread out for some decent shots 20210520_142737.jpg 20210520_142750.jpg 20210520_142815.jpg
So heres the boyos 1 2 and 3 in order of attractiveness to me, pics are listed 2,1,3 the biggest guy has a pretty strong fecal aroma the little guy smells like carrots and the middle fellow is pretty non smelly at the moment, I had to pluck a ton of leaves off the little dude the bigger ones not too bad just a few of the largest needed to go, its watering day as well so please excuse the droopyness, they got a half gallon each of silica,recharge,microbelift water at ph 6.8, my tap is rockin about 8.2 atm so I've been adjusting down with phosphorus based cyco
20210520_153653.jpg 20210520_153713.jpg 20210520_153727.jpg 20210520_153734.jpg 20210520_154035.jpg 20210520_154051.jpg 20210520_154640.jpg 20210520_154646.jpg 20210520_154657.jpg 20210520_154844.jpg
And the ladies as they are standing today, everything got hit with some cannacontrol today since it appears I have bugs, well eggs haven't seen a bug yet after 100x scoping about 15 leaves, gonna go into flower in about a week boys started today. Only the paler gal in the last photos is showing any mystery damage, got hit with green cleaner 3 days ago, and they were all defoliated hard post photo opportunities I'll get some more pics in the morning they got a nap before lights out today due to the spraying 20210521_124340.jpg 20210521_124354.jpg 20210521_124436.jpg 20210521_124446.jpg 20210521_124452.jpg 20210521_124503.jpg 20210521_124512.jpg 20210521_124537.jpg 20210521_124604.jpg 20210521_124555.jpg
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