Sheberghan Preservation


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This is a 5pack of Sheberghan from The Real Seed Co. This preservation is being ran by @Gweedo's Growroom !

You can use this thread for documentation of information regarding sheberghan preservation. Thanks man!

Sheberghan Strain Information
Well I've shit the bed on this one ladies and gents, the 5 pack I wet went 1 for 5 on germination 😢😢😢 Literally the 2 packs I've been the most worried about poppin since I started growin both bombed with total shit germ rates, I'm gonna blame the end user ie my sorry ass for both beanacides rip my 7 Mendo purps and these 5 sherbergans 😭😭😭, mushy stuff out of the way on to the good news since I screwed the pooch on that pack I upped the ante and promptly ordered a 12 pack of the same strain from the same company and am now awaiting their arrival, be back soon as they get here
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