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Hoping someone can roll in here and teach me what I need to no on this subject?
For research purposes only though, don’t get me wrong.
Beginning to end, for the paper I’m writing.
I am somewhat knowledgeable about the growth of spores in nature, mainly liberty caps witch are native to the Pacific Northwest where I reside.
I’m looking for knowledge in growth in a man made sterile environment.
Anything you got throw it down!


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I'd suggest searching online for a free pdf download of Stamets and Chilton "The Mushroom Cultivator" and Stamets. "Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms."
Though not new, these works stand the test of time in the information and process of growing many types of fungi indoors and out.

If you have any specific questions, post them up. Looks like more than a few here have some experience or knowledge on the subject.

Liberty Caps may be one of the least cultivated species, but you may also have psilocybe cyanescens or azurescens growing in woodchips /mulch there in the PNW as well. These are not the easiest by far, but they have been done many times, by many cultivators. Most successfully outdoors, and to a lesser degree indoor.
Good luck :)
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