Skunky VA Mano EH Mano GthaEnigma VS OldG


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Someone please fix the typo in Gthaenigma :D

This is a friendly competitiion between @GthaEnigma and @OldG


4 seeds of Skunky VA Kiss me their Irish!

Start date is anytime after 12:01 AM March 17 (St Patricks Day).
Flower date outside is May 24 (Queen Vics Birthday so even I can remember).

Outside must be in a 5 gallon pot of your choosing...unless you want it to be a lowes or HD bucket. @GthaEnigma ? whatever you want :D

May 24 they start flower times...Light Dep contraption of your own devising...or bring it in a shed...or whatever it takes.

They are done when we feel they are plant will be judged in a poll.

Any changes @GthaEnigma let me know and we will get it done before i cant edit it.

This is going to be for fun. and to see what we can do.
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Got 6 wet this morning and I picked up a 5 gal fabric pot this afternoon. Nonentrants will be pilferd off and flowered before May 24th, one will be left behind to reside in the fabric pot.

20210317_121641.jpg 20210317_122145.jpg

I appreciate y'all being accpting of my participation in this shindig.

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Awesome awesome, a friendly grand slam battle extravaganza!!

Rooting for the winner !



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Glad its only 5 gallons ....

I can ghetto rock a home depot pail ! BUT I WONT

I am going with 100% made in America...I think it really matters...

And these are the best damned planters I have ever used...I got 2 X 20 gallons for indoors.. :D 2 X 5 for the grow

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